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Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to find your website in search engines? Your site doesn't show up for the keywords you expect and you are not even sure if ANY of your pages are even being found by search engines.

Indexing is the inclusion of websites inside of search engine databases; their index. Ranking is different and is where you show up in search engine results when a user searches certain keywords. Although you may not have noticeable rankings in a search engine you can still find out if your site is included in their index. You can also find how many pages are indexed and how your web page information is being viewed by search engines. You can also use this technique to investigate your competitors websites.

Type the following forms of statements into any search engine to see the associated results:

  • Statement: "site:" and/or ""
  • Results: all the pages at that a search engine has in its index. If some or all are missing unintentionally, contact your webmaster, or us, to resolve the issue for you. You should remain aware of your index stats for at least the major search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Statement: "link:" and/or ""
  • Results: all the pages in a search engine that link to If you have an information rich site that you are marketing so that others will link to your content you should remain aware of progress for at least the major search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Statement: "cache:"
  • Results: all the pages that a search engine has in its cache for your site. For efficiency, like your own computer, search engines keep a cache or snapshot of your site from the last time they actually visited your site. On average search engines may only update their cache every 30 days or so. If you have made changes to your site and you are not seeing the latest version, you may be receiving the cached version. If you right click on your screen and choose "Refresh" or "Reload" your browser should go out and get the latest version. See Refreshing Your Browser.

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