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How to get listed in local directories online (Yellow Pages)

There are many ways that potential clients will find you on the Internet including local search directories. Local search is a term used for directories formatted geographically. Several well known services allow you to submit a free business profile, hours of operation, payment methods, products & services, website link and contact information. Internet directories can drive local traffic to you directly from their business listings. Further, many directory listings can appear near the top within search engine results at MSN, Yahoo and Google. This is the result of recent efforts by some of these companies to make their listing services more attractive.

Here are free services we think are important. We include links to get you started to submit or modify your listings. All have good directions to walk you through the process. All have basic free listings and some offer premium services that you can add if you think it is appropriate for your business.

If you already have a listing in these directories you may want to occasionally revisit them to review and modify your details.

Google Local and Google Maps

Account sign up is necessary but free.

Google is important because of their popularity as a search source on the Internet. Further, when searches are done through regular search and geographic search terms are used, such as “contractors natick, ma”, they will often present Local Business Results with Google Map information at the top of the page. Google also allows multiple listings for multiple business locations.

Find your listing through a Google search such as this Website Design Southborough Massachusetts and click on "more" then "edit" and "claim your business". Or, create an account.

Create an account through the Google Maps Local Business Center.

Verizon Super Pages

Verizon listings are used by multiple other search services, including MSN, so your listing will be available through many other directories.

If you have your phone service through Verizon you should already have a listing. As the owner you can sign in and add additional details about your business.

Go to http://advertising.superpages.com/spweb/products/business-listing and sign up for a Free Business Listing Account.

Yahoo Local

At the top of the page either sign in to your Yahoo account or sign up.
Account sign up is necessary but free

Like Google and MSN, a Yahoo listing is important because of their popularity as a search source on the Internet.

Yellow Pages

Register for an account. Sign up is necessary but free.

YellowPages.com provides it’s results to many other services, including MSN, SwitchBoard.com and AOL Yellow Pages, so a listing here will show up in multiple directories. Once you get listed you may receive a sales call to sell you premium services but it is not required.

Wicked Local Businesses

Register for an account. Sign up is necessary but free.

"Wicked" is "Very" local businesses. Local to New England and more specifically Massachusetts. It is owned by The Boston Globe and boston.com. It is sister site to WickedLocal.com which is a communitity website, sprung from local Massachusetts community print media businesses.

Once you get listed you can change basic information about your business. You can also choose to add premium services but they are not required. You will likely get a follow up sales call but premium services are not required to keep your free listing.

Merchant Circle

Register for an account. Sign up is necessary but free.

Ashland Business Association - ABA Members Business Directory

For Ashland Massachusetts businesses or business owners that live in Ashland. This is not free. Membership is required. However, we feel a directory listing here, for those that qualify, is an added benefit that is well worth the yearly membership of about $50.

We are a member and also the directory developer. Your searchable listing and full profile are included with ABA membership. For more information see Why Join the ABA or sign up using this form.

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